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Sports Physiotherapist

Dilara graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. During his undergraduate education, she took part in various academic studies, congresses and sportive events, and organized various symposiums as well. She was a board member of Marmara University Underwater Sports Club.

She served as a sports physiotherapist in sports activities such as running, cycling and triathlon with the PT Academy team.

She took professional courses on manual therapy, athlete’s health, graston & blades, myofascial release techniques, muscle energy techniques, facilitation of painless movement, medical fitness, functional exercises, kinesiological and biomechanical taping, functional exercises, corrective exercises, 

Dilara, who worked as a swimming coach and lifeguard in New Jersey and New York states in the USA in 2018, also took part in intercollegiate dance festivals and races in the field of Latin dance. 

She currently provides services in the fields of sports physiotherapy and medical fitness at PT_ACADEMY.

She used to play volleyball during her education period. and now she is doing diving and sailing sports recreationally. She is also interested in functional training, running and rowing sports as a hobby.

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