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Sports Physiotherapist

He completed his undergraduate education at Istinye University, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Simultaneously, he continues his studies in the undergraduate department of Exercise and Sports Sciences of Istanbul University. He completed part of his education in Serbia and Macedonia. 

He can speak 5 different languages at an advanced level. He started boxing as a competitor at the age of 14 and took part in licensed boxing competitions abroad until the age of 19. 

During his undergraduate education, he worked as a physiotherapist in various sports teams. Hastalıklarda took part in academic projects, congresses and sporting events and participated in the Evaluation of Neuromuscular Diseases, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Symposium as an interpreter and speaker in this process.

He took part as a physiotherapist in ITU Hornets American Football in the professional and university league during the 2021-2022 season. During this period, he organized various training camps and preventive rehabilitation trainings.

He served as a sports physiotherapist in sports events such as running, cycling and triathlon with the PT Academy team.

He received vocational training in the fields of physiotherapy such as mobilization, manual techniques, athlete health, graston, myofascial release techniques, medical fitness, functional exercises, kinesiological and biomechanical taping techniques. 

He currently serves as a sports physiotherapist at PT Academy HQ in Caddebostan. 

He is actively involved in boxing, American football, windsurfing and sea kayaking and functional fitness  sports.

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