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Sports Physiotherapist

He completed his undergraduate education at Medipol University, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. During her undergraduate education, she worked as a physiotherapist in Special Athletes Athletics Races organized in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and Marmara University and in various tournaments such as running, cycling, etc.

Manual therapy, athlete health, dry needling, blades & graston, myofascial release techniques, muscle energy systems, facilitation of painless movement, medical fitness, functional exercises, kinesiological and biomechanical taping techniques etc. He received vocational training in the fields of physiotherapy and athlete health.

Currently, he continues his field and team work in the fields of preventive physiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation at PT_ACADEMY. He provides training in areas such as functional fitness, mobility, risk analysis, and corrective exercises. At the same time, he continues his student life in the Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences at Istanbul University.

Competing as a licensed athlete in the Swimming Team of the Marmara University Sports Club and the Water Polo Team of the Istanbul Swimming Specialization Club, Batuhan's non-professional interests are crossfit, swimming, water polo, cycling, weightlifting and playing baglama.

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