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Course Content: 

This course focuses on the scientific background, a variety of reliable and evidence-based tests for: 

  • Injury prevention: Contains up-to-date and evidence-based information on injury prevention screening and injury risk profiling for athletes and injuries from different disciplines.

  • Rehabilitation: Return to Sports screening after injury or surgery.

The training is recommended for all professionals who want to use practical tests in clinical applications or scientific studies. With this training, participants will be taught a large number of valid and reliable tests. In this way, it will be safer and faster for patients or athletes to return to their daily life activities or sports with theoretical knowledge, applied tests and screening skills. These scans are available for patients as well as professional or recreational athletes.

The training also includes an online platform (Hylyght) that supports and strengthens the work of people working in physiotherapy practice areas, hospitals and professional sports clubs. Participants of the course will be able to experience the platform, refresh their knowledge on testing and scanning, and learn the standardization of applications through the software, without the obligation to purchase any license.


Post-Course Participants' Benefits;

  • Learn the scientific frameworks for injury prevention and Return to Sports (RTS) screening

  • Building a foundation for a solid understanding of screening and testing in practice

  • Knowing the strengths and limitations of many different tests

  • Using scientific evidence for your own screening and testing approaches

  • Develop skills in hands-on testing and test standardization 


Evidence-Based Injury Prevention and Return to Sports Screening Course schedule

Day 1 (Instructor: Prof. Dr. Damien Van Tiggelen)

Theoretical framework: Injury prevention screening; Development level

Practical application: Injury prevention in football: Hamstring Strain, Groin Pain, ACL injury.

Practical application: Injury prevention in basketball: Anterior Knee Pain (PFS), Achilles Tendon.

Practical application: Injury prevention in volleyball: Overuse of Shoulder, Ankle Sprain.

Day 2 (Instructor: Prof. Dr. Damien Van Tiggelen)

Theoretical framework: Return to sport or activity screening; state of the art

Practical application: Return to running scan after ACL reconstruction 

Practical application: Return to sport after hamstring strain (tear)

Practical application: Return to sports after ankle distortion

Practical application: Return to activity after Total Hip Atroplasty

Hylyght Injury Prevention and Return to Sports Screening Specialization

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