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HYLYGHT Physical Check Up

HYLYGHT is a software with completely evidence-based scientific content, developed as a result of years of studies at the Belgium Gent University, aiming to predict the risks of injury in athletes, to reveal personal profiles and to protect athletes with exercises for this purpose.


One of the biggest problems of clubs and athletes today is injuries. Hylyght aims to prevent injuries in which the physical characteristics of the athlete increase with the increase in the physical load of the athletes. It minimizes the risk of injury to the athlete by scanning the athlete before and after injury.


Hylyght is kind of your athlete's Physical Check-Up. It allows you to draw the physical map of the athlete by examining the athlete in detail with evidence-based data, Anthropometric, Strength, Flexibility, Functional Movement, Balance, Stabilization parameters . The results aim to prevent possible injuries by predicting possible injuries to the person. After the tests, it provides an effective study with targeted exercise suggestions in order to detect missing parameters and optimize performance.


It includes test batteries prepared for various sports, and it also offers the opportunity to create your own test batteries. According to the test results after the tests, it helps you to train the person more effectively and functionally by offering personalized exercise suggestions from the exercise library it contains. It makes it easier for you to send the training programs you have created to your athlete with a video and detailed explanation, and to follow the weekly / monthly program. With the regular tests you will do, you can follow the progress of your athlete and modify your programs.


In addition, tests that you can apply to your athlete after certain injuries help the athlete to make a more accurate decision to return to training and the field after injury. After the tests performed, the athlete's re-injury is prevented by performing a point-and-shoot study of the missing component, and a timely return to the field is ensured.


Hylyght  It also supports you with its comprehensive library and close to 1000 exercises categorized within. You can standardize the programs with the fully video and detailed explanation exercises you can access from this library according to the region or training type you want, you can assign the program sets you have created to the athletes and follow them through the system.



During adolescence, athletes of the same age can be very different in development level and physical functioning, and real talent is often overlooked.


Puberty-based benchmarking and bio-banding, ie grouping the athlete by their biological age rather than a chronological age system, allow you to assess abilities throughout adolescence.



Results appear online immediately after the test.

By evaluating the benchmark-comparison scores, you can rank your athletes according to their biological age or test results.

Our platform presents all available information in actionable reports and displays your athletes' overall standings and current progress with graphs.



Hylyght Talent is based on +10 years of SpartaNova's experience and

He has been working with many individual and team sports for years.

Physical Check Up (Risk Analysis)  

Frequently asked Questions

1- What is Physical Check Up (Risk Analysis)?

These are branch-specific tests for the purpose of preventing injury, after the physical fitness assessment of the person. (functional, anthropometric)


2- Who can do Physical Check Up?

It can be done to anyone without an active injury and pain. It is recommended for individuals with little activity level.  


3- How does the process continue after the Physical Check Up?

After the tests are done, the analysis results are transferred in detail. 

Both physiotherapists and trainers can work according to the results. If a pathology is detected, it is recommended to work with a physiotherapist.  


4- How long should I repeat the test? When should I do it? 

It is recommended to be done in the off season, before the season and between the seasons. 

Advanced training level once every 3 months and moderate-intensity training once every 6 months

If done regularly, the progress can be followed with graphs.   


5- How can the development of children be predicted?

With the formulas created on the basis of scientific research, some information and tests can be made and biological age and growth estimates can be revealed.


6- Will I be able to follow my test results and exercises online?

Yeah. You can access your test report and exercise program by logging into your personal account created for you.


7- Will my own physiotherapist and trainer be able to follow the online system?

In order to create online exercises and provide feedback, their own trainer must have the rights to use the software.


8- Can you give information about the software used?

It is a software created as a result of 10 years of research and scientific studies carried out by "Sport Scientists and Physiotherapists" at Ghent University. 

The software was purchased by a different institution and updated by adding functions such as performance tests, talent detection and athlete development tracking in addition to injury prevention tests.


9- Can I get my results as a report in how many days after I have the Physical Check Up?

After the Physical Check Up, your report is created within 2-3 days and is available on your personal login screen on the site.  


10- Can I get information about the countries using this system? What are the sample clubs in the world that use this system?

Apart from Belgium, where the software originated, it is seen that it is used in countries such as the Netherlands, England, Spain, Russia, Sweden and Turkey.


Anderlecht, Club Brugge, KV Oostende, Ajax, Dinamo Moscow, Manchester United, Kayserispor clubs use this software (Spartanova).


11- What kind of preliminary preparation should be made on the day of the risk analysis?

While the athletes should be rested, it is important that they do not enter the competition 24 hours before. Also, be careful not to be too hungry.

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